Sep 11 2012

World of Warcraft has always been a game that requires lots of your time. There is so much to do in WoW that sometimes it can be over whelming to try and keep up with your guild or online friends. Sometimes you will have to spend more than 4 hours on just one little thing that you don’t even want to do. We all have better things to do than waste our time and if you aren’t having fun, then what’s the point in playing the game? This is where the AIO WoW Bot comes in handy.

Features of the AIO WoW Bot

WoW GoldIf you are familiar with bots already, then you know that it isn’t easy to come by a bot that can do everything in the game and not crash with errors every 10 minutes. We have spent years mastering our bot to be able to¬†accomplish¬†all tasks in the world of warcraft and not crash every few minutes. You can set up your bot to level and quest and go out and actually spend your time where it is needed most, while the bot takes care of the boring stuff. There are many features to our bot that we will explain below:

Leveling and Questing:

Leveling has always been one of the most boring parts of playing WoW. After you have leveled your first character all the way, the fun just isn’t there anymore. Our AIO wow bot can not only kill monsters and level your characters, but it also can quest while doing it and make your character not look like a bot at all! This helps you level faster and keeps your account from getting banned.

Professions and gathering:

If you want to make any gold in wow or be any help to your guild for raids, then you are going to need your professions maxed out and need to spend hours a day on gathering herbs. I recall having to gather herbs for 4 hours before a weekend raid before and now you can just set up the wow bot to do it all for you. The AIO bot will use flying mounts and ground mounts to travel to herbs and nodes and then land and gather. If you are encountered by a monster then the bot will use your characters spells to defeat the monster and move on to the next herb or node. You can set up your account to do this for hours on end and has potential to make thousands of gold per day.

PVP and Honor:

Doing battlegrounds in wow can be pretty fun, but you have to do it for so many hours to just get 1 peice of gear and sometimes you just are no match against the other team if your gear isn’t all maxed out. You can use our AIO quest bot to do battlegrounds for you and collect honor. Once it has reached your desired honor amount it will log out.

WoW lvl 85 wow bot

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